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Fresh Organic Avocado

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Buy Avocado Kodaikanal Fresh Farm Fruits Online

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246 reviews for Fresh Organic Avocado

  1. Venky Naidu

    Best in Quality Im from Andhra Avocado are very fresh and Healthy

  2. Sushma

    Quality is Good but Price Very Costly

  3. Sridhar

    Avocado is very Good but no Cash in delivery options

  4. Ramanan

    Very Good Avocados

  5. Seetha

    I got your sample very Good, How to order in Bulk?

    • admin

      Hi Seetha, You can Order Directly in Website up to 30KG. Thank You

      Online Kodai

  6. Kumar S

    Yesterday I ordered 3 KG I need 10KG by Tomorrow, Any Price Adjustment available?

  7. Haritha

    Thank you Online Kodai for the Avocado free delivery

  8. Sarath

    Quality is Good. THanks online kodai

  9. Ambika

    Quality is very good and fresh fruit

  10. akila

    It’s really good avocados are fresh delivery is good i love it

  11. Harini

    healthy and freshness is good

  12. Malathi

    product price is high but quality is very good

  13. jessica

    Quality is very good.I loved it

  14. sneha

    very good quality of avocado

  15. Hari jai sri

    product is good avocado is really fresh

  16. Ajay Kumar

    The avocado tastes very delicious

  17. vimala

    the product is fresh. i just loved it

  18. selvakumari

    no cash on delivery price is comfortable

  19. vishnu


  20. vismaya

    delivery timing is good

  21. ammu

    fruit quality is nice

  22. Mk akash

    Avocado is very good

  23. praveen

    very good

  24. samriti

    best quality i just amazed with product

  25. madhuri

    i love this fruit quality and taste

  26. nandhini

    good quality

  27. Iyyappan

    The Avocado is very fresh when i received and it is good and tastier to make juice and drink the best i have had in my life

  28. hema

    good avocados

  29. sasmetha

    The fruits provided are 1 st quality . They are providing good service

  30. Nithya sri


  31. nithya sree


  32. eswari

    very good quality

  33. sauja mothuvani

    I ordered avocado and bunch of things avocado is frush and smells good

  34. malavika

    I just loved the product .Every one should buy

  35. vaishnavi

    best quality in this product

  36. malini


  37. Balaji

    Avocado is very healthy and really it is organic avocado

  38. ram

    good product

  39. indhumathi

    best quality avocado

  40. kowsalya

    verya good

  41. susmitha reddy

    such a wonderful product. Delivery is awesome

  42. shunmathi

    comfortable price in avocado fruit

  43. Nalinkumar

    It is in good quality price is little bit higher

  44. vigneshwary


  45. srimathi

    taste is sweet and best good quality

  46. vijaya kumari

    the fresh product everyone should buy from Kodai

  47. soundarya

    avocado is best quality

  48. snega


  49. Manoj

    The product is the best Comparing others avocado is best

  50. divya

    price is comfortable taste is good

  51. shreya

    Taste of the Avocado is fabulous i really liked it i think on order it again

  52. mala

    best good quality and price

  53. vishnupriya

    Avocado is super loved it. One of the fresh fruit I have tasted

  54. aadhya


  55. Aruna Devi

    product is nice delivery is on time i think it’s worth to order

  56. kanagasri

    avocados taste is good

  57. aahana


  58. barkha

    i really loved awesome just buy it

  59. ranjini

    product good quality

  60. aditi


  61. mani

    i am from kerala , best quality and fresh quality

  62. mani

    , best quality and fresh quality

  63. Thananjay

    Avocado is healthy and it has high calories when it is organic in this online kodai they are providing organic only i have some doubt about this so i have ordered in online kodai and checked they are providing organic avocado only

  64. sudar

    These guys are amazing they did there delivery as there perspective time and Avocado fresh and tasty

  65. amrita


  66. shanmugapriya

    Avocado is super and quality is also super

  67. manoj

    good quality and good taste

  68. shanmugapriya

    Avocado is super

  69. bhavna

    very good

  70. ranjith

    fruit price is good

  71. bhavani


  72. arul

    it was a nice experience this is first time for me and i get a good product in low price

  73. dhivya

    it is so juicy and fresh i will regularly

  74. Akash

    Avocado is very best

  75. brinda


  76. kavitha

    good product i liked it

  77. gowthaman

    very good quality this product

  78. Veera

    The product is ver good and the cost is too high

  79. swathi

    i just amazed with the Avocado.100% fresh

  80. bina


  81. ragul

    best quality

  82. Murugan

    Avocado is good for price

  83. deva

    price is good

  84. charu

    good quality

  85. raja

    best and good quality

  86. Kicha Agarwal

    Avocado is tastier to eat

  87. swetha

    i wish i am in heaven when i had a first bite it’s good u guys must try it

  88. maheshwari

    Avocado is fresh and organic i love online kodai

  89. ram

    best price of this product

  90. chaaya


  91. charita


  92. Priyanindhra

    Fruit price is high but taste wise it is soo good

  93. sunitha

    it’s good i tried it and it’s in low price

  94. mathimalu


  95. saisree

    I am a regular customer and I love the product.

  96. daksha


  97. siva

    price is normal

  98. KedarNayak

    Avocado is good

  99. ramsundar

    nice fruit taste

  100. dhriti

    best quality

  101. lakshith

    best price and good quality

  102. iswariya

    the taste of the fruit is good I liked it

  103. divya


  104. friends

    low price quality best

  105. jayavarshini

    i love the product and delivery is in time

  106. Vinayak

    Avocado is much better

  107. deepa


  108. sundar

    price is good

  109. Mithun

    Tastes Good

  110. sakthi baskar

    the fruit is awesome and it is also organic

  111. alagu

    rate is good

  112. ekaja


  113. madhu

    quality is good

  114. Vedha

    Avocado is basically sweet

  115. dhanam

    best quality

  116. ela


  117. muthu

    price is comfortable

  118. meera

    good quality

  119. geeta


  120. abinaga


  121. sree

    100% organic i didn’t expect this

  122. banumathi

    quality is good

  123. jaisri

    i think it’s great and it’s taste good

  124. kala

    very nice taste

  125. ganga



    such a delicious fruit

  127. murugan

    good price and quality

  128. harita


  129. rahul

    just awesome

  130. gokul

    quqlity and price and taste is good

  131. hema


  132. sudha


  133. Parvathi

    The prodcut avocado is very good

  134. sivakavitha

    vert sweet taste

  135. keerthana

    vera level product

  136. fathima

    comfortable price

  137. chandralekha

    simply awesome i loved it

  138. Archana

    i ordered in a bulk booking and everything is great especially i live the Avocado it’s fresh

  139. sarala

    i really amazed with product

  140. sneha

    quality is best

  141. akshaya

    I didn’t expect the product like this but it is just awesome

  142. denesh

    price is costly quality good

  143. kumar

    i loved the product it was nice to shp here

  144. nishandh

    fresh product

  145. arabha


  146. jayanthi

    good product

  147. bhavanishri

    i am the regulary purchasing the product is good

  148. eswaran

    taste is very good

  149. ayesha

    100 percent organic and fresh

  150. isha


  151. ramaraj

    good best quality

  152. ramana

    Avocado is really taste good

  153. idris


  154. rima

    natural one must buy

  155. malumadhu

    good price quality

  156. nalinraj

    it’s a good platform to buy fresh Avocado

  157. Arumugam

    Avocado is good

  158. rima

    natural one online kodai nailing it

  159. hari


  160. jasmine


  161. rima

    super Avocado just go for it

  162. ariharan

    best price

  163. Dinesh

    Taste is perfect

  164. bairavi

    100 love for the product

  165. jalsa


  166. Karikalan

    Excellent quality for avocado

  167. guna

    i love avocado

  168. valarmathi

    i usually buy chocolate in this website this time i tested to buy fruits especially Avocado is wonderful

  169. srimathi

    they are not compromising on quality

  170. rathi

    price is high

  171. Vijayalakshmi

    The quality is good can buy if it is higher price also

  172. Durga

    good product worth to buy

  173. kashvi


  174. nora

    good one every one should buy it

  175. nalini

    price is comfortable and best quality

  176. Jhanvi

    The pieces of Quality is high

  177. saisharan

    quality is good

  178. kavya


  179. mithran

    taste is good

  180. vemina

    fresh and organic

  181. Rangaiah naidu

    The Product is very good

  182. veni

    sweet taste avocado

  183. kiara


  184. yamini

    i am yamini taste i love it

  185. nandhu

    no fertilizer used in the fruit

  186. Muthukrishna

    The best quality of avocado i have seen

  187. saravanan

    i like the product

  188. ravi

    good quality

  189. sumathi


  190. kutty


  191. kyra


  192. thilaka

    best quality

  193. Prakash

    Better Price Better Quality

  194. hemavarshini

    wonderful product

  195. gunasundari

    quality is good

  196. Dhirubai

    Good quality avocado

  197. suji

    price is comfortable

  198. arutsudar

    it’s a nice product

  199. kamya


  200. UMA


  201. meenachi

    best and good quality

  202. ravi kumar

    taste is nice

  203. lakshmi


  204. sennammal

    super quality

  205. nethra

    online kodai is the best

  206. lolita


  207. Ravikumar

    The product of the avocado is very good

  208. umanath

    quality is good

  209. kavinlaya

    pure organic

  210. Maruthan

    The avocado is so delicious

  211. mathish

    price is very high

  212. madumitha

    Avocado are rare to buy it been long time since i eat. I get it fresh and it’s absolutely great

  213. mathish

    price is very high bud good quality

  214. meenakshi

    no fertilizer in the product

  215. Lavanya

    Avocado is very much tastier

  216. mano

    comfortable price

  217. Navin Raj

    Avocado is good

  218. nadhakumar

    very high taste

  219. abinesh

    i think the product was very good. it’s worth what i spend

  220. Mohan

    The avocado is much better

  221. nisvanth

    best price quality

  222. anupriya

    it’s a really awesome

  223. durga

    very taste and good quality

  224. nandhika

    satisfied with the Avocado

  225. selvam

    high best quality

  226. ananth

    nice product

  227. jeya

    best price and good quality

  228. mathishmalu


  229. mohan

    best quality

  230. hency

    best and good quality

  231. bency

    price is comfortable

  232. govarthana


  233. reshma

    good quality

  234. sadhana

    good and best quality

  235. dhanya


  236. veerakanagashri

    best quality

  237. cithra

    best price and quality

  238. raju

    best price quality

  239. ram


  240. kumar

    best quality

  241. sidthanth

    better quality of fruit

  242. gowsini

    really awesome

  243. Akhilankumar

    The Avocado is good

  244. sumathi

    quality wise its verygood

  245. snehajohn

    loved it

  246. Ganapathi

    Avocado is good and quality wise pretty awesome

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