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Buy Peaches Kodaikanal Fresh Farm Fruits Online

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1 KG, 200gms, 500gms

151 reviews for Peaches

  1. umanath

    I got your sample very Good, How to order in Bulk?

  2. gowthaman

    Thank you Online Kodai for the peaches free delivery

  3. ambika

    Quality is very good and fresh fruit

  4. malini

    It’s really good peaches are fresh delivery is good i love it

  5. malathi

    product price is high but quality is very good

  6. deva

    best quality i just amazed with product

  7. mahesh

    The peaches is very fresh when i received and it is good and tastier to make juice and drink the best i have had in my life

  8. kavitha

    The fruits provided are 1 st quality . They are providing good service

  9. vaishnavi

    I just loved the product .Every one should buy

  10. manojkumar

    Taste of the peaches is fabulous i really liked it i think on order it again

  11. madhuri

    peaches is healthy and it has high calories when it is organic in this online kodai they are providing organic only i have some doubt about this so i have ordered in online kodai and checked they are providing organic peaches only

  12. karthick kumar

    These guys are amazing they did there delivery as there perspective time and peaches fresh and tasty

  13. hema

    good quality and good taste

  14. ragul

    it was a nice experience this is first time for me and i get a good product in low price

  15. ranjini

    it is so juicy and fresh i will regularly

  16. ram

    very good quality this product

  17. ravi

    i just amazed with the peaches .100% fresh

  18. ramsundar

    i wish i am in heaven when i had a first bite it’s good u guys must try it

  19. alagu

    peaches is fresh and organic i love online kodai

  20. ariharan

    Fruit price is high but taste wise it is so good

  21. ammu

    I am a regular customer and I love the product.

  22. arabha

    peaches is good taste is very sweeet

  23. banumathi

    peaches is much better

  24. bency

    the fruit is awesome and it is also organic

  25. cithra

    quality is good

  26. denesh

    price is comfortable

  27. dhanam

    price is comfortable

  28. divya

    100% organic i didn’t expect this

  29. durga

    i think it’s great and it’s taste good

  30. dhanya

    good price and quality

  31. divya

    quqlity and price and taste is good

  32. eswari

    simply awesome i loved it

  33. eswaran

    i really amazed with product

  34. friends

    I didn’t expect the product like this but it is just awesome

  35. fathima

    price is costly quality good

  36. guna

    good product

  37. gowthaman

    100 percent organic and fresh

  38. gokul

    peaches is really taste good

  39. gunasundari

    natural one must buy

  40. govarthana

    natural one online kodai nailing it

  41. kanagasri

    product is good

  42. kala

    best price

  43. karthick kumar

    Excellent quality for peaches

  44. kavitha

    i usually buy chocolate in this website this time i tested to buy fruits especially peaches is wonderful

  45. kutty

    The quality is good can buy if it is higher price also

  46. kumar

    price is comfortable and best quality

  47. lakshith


  48. jeya

    The Product is very good

  49. nalini

    good quality

  50. nisvanth

    no fertilizer used in the fruit

  51. nadhakumar

    no fertilizer used in the fruit and good quality

  52. nimalkumar

    Better Price Better Quality

  53. sennammal

    wonderful product

  54. saisharan

    good product

  55. siva

    price is comfortable

  56. sneha


  57. srimathi

    super quality

  58. thilaka

    The product of the avocado is very good

  59. veni

    The product of the peaches is very good

  60. manimala

    quality is very good

  61. alagu

    pure organic

  62. bency

    good quality

  63. lingamathish

    i like this product

  64. ahsa

    pure organic

  65. Sushma

    Quality is Good but Price Very Costly

  66. gayu

    Yesterday I ordered 3 KG I need 10KG by Tomorrow, Any Price Adjustment available?

  67. madhu

    Quality is Good. Thanks online kodai

  68. susmitha reddy

    such a wonderful product. Delivery is awesome

  69. Nalinkumar

    It is in good quality price is little bit higher

  70. srimathi

    taste is sweet and best good quality

  71. nithiyashree

    taste is very good and quality is best

  72. yamini

    peaches is super loved it. One of the fresh fruit I have tasted

  73. fraklin

    product is nice delivery is on time i think it’s worth to order

  74. susmitha reddy

    It’s really good and fresh and i got it quick. It’s go to be buying products in onlinekoadi

  75. guna

    peaches is fresh and good and i got it quick. It’s go to be buying products in onlinekoadi

  76. ramu

    I was buying in this website for a month and i like the products they provide. i ordered peaches yesterday and i got it by today morning it was so handy

  77. ganesh

    i ordered peaches for first time and it was nice

  78. magilan

    It was nice and fresh peaches which i got i tasted it i am planning on buying it

  79. priya

    It was nice and fresh peaches. Tasted it i am planning on buying it

  80. mathish

    It was a nice peaches which i got. it’s tasted marvelous

  81. santhosh

    i was driven by the taste of peaches. It’s wonderful

  82. sunitha

    i loved the products what ever it is online kodai is best

  83. senthila

    it is good

  84. mahitha

    it is really good so tasty

  85. maha

    product is good but timing of delivery should be changed

  86. rasika

    delivery is delayed other than that evry thing is great

  87. hariram

    i give full rating for the product. i used several other websites for buying but it is different i was satisfied with the product

  88. mohan

    it’s always good to buy products from u guys it was very nice

  89. manimala

    i love the peaches i usually use to buy peaches in nearby stores only now i think i can get product from online kodai it was fresh

  90. maladevi

    i was new to the online shoping and i get good impressions here to continue online kodai

  91. gugan

    i was new to the online shoping and i get good impressions here to continue online kodai

  92. sivalakshmi

    it was great

  93. jeyapriya

    This kind of app is really awesome and their fresh products are awestruck,
    peaches taste is good and fresh.

  94. thangam

    peaches is good and fresh

  95. subha

    buy and enjoy guys these fruits are awesome in taste

  96. viveka

    good choice buying here always a happy customer

  97. jothilakshmi

    actually this is awesome and peaches tastes are good
    quality is also awesome

  98. sudalaikani

    fruits are good and especially peaches is awesome

  99. nithiya

    buy and enjoy guys these fruits are awesome in taste

  100. sainithin

    good choice buying here always a happy customer

  101. madhusri

    fresh and quality peaches

  102. manthra

    quality is good
    fruits are fresh but need to improve

  103. nishvanth

    awesome taste

  104. vicky

    Products are good

  105. muralitharan

    quality is good and peaches taste are awesome

  106. kalpana

    berry berry peaches love it….

  107. vasantha

    nowadays these kinds of products are not proper in it but this app and products are awesome really awesome.

  108. rajaram

    make a use of it
    trust me guys these are products quality and taste were good

  109. suki

    peaches is really good and taste enough

  110. dharshini

    products were fresh and awesome taste
    but there is no cash on delivery.
    that is only drawbacks

  111. rajesh

    good products

  112. mathan

    fruits are good
    buy and enjoy

  113. mathan

    fruits are very good quality
    buy and enjoy

  114. muruganandham

    quality is quiet awesome and really products are bestones

  115. mathavan

    peaches is very good quality and very freash

  116. kadhavel

    quality is quiet awesome and really products are best ones

  117. subhalakshmi

    make it simple
    buy and enjoy the taste

  118. sivakam


  119. sivarnjini

    great taste

  120. nithish

    i loved it

  121. sankar


  122. ajayzen

    loving it

  123. mathankumar

    taste is very good i love peaches

  124. vaishali

    fresh fruit in peaches

  125. shanmugalakshmi

    product is good

  126. poonsolai

    good taste

  127. kangaraj

    fruit is very juicy

  128. uma

    fresh and taste

  129. tintu

    whata a taste

  130. lavanya

    whata a taste……

  131. meenatchi

    liked it

  132. dhanalakshmi

    natural one

  133. kamini

    tasty and healty

  134. selvakumar

    100% natural product

  135. harshavarthan`


  136. keerthi

    excellent one

  137. jeyakeerthiga

    tasty and pulpy

  138. sundhari

    pure one

  139. shanmugathai


  140. yuvan

    online kodai best

  141. yashwanth


  142. franses

    must buy

  143. ishwarya

    must buy

  144. alben

    must buy because this product is very tasty ad good

  145. vishnu

    such a delicious fruit

  146. vishnu

    nice and tatsy food

  147. nathiya

    just awesome

  148. jamuna

    its really tasty and good qualiy

  149. nasathira

    very tastee product and good quality

  150. kavishna

    i like it and i love it this product

  151. hanya

    i love this product i like it this product taste is very good

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