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Buy Pears Kodaikanal Fresh Farm Fruits Online

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1 KG, 250gms, 500gms

90 reviews for Pears

  1. sruthi

    It’s really good and fresh and i got it quick. It’s go to be buying products in onlinekoadi

  2. sruthi

    pears is fresh and good and i got it quick. It’s go to be buying products in onlinekoadi

  3. ramu

    I was buying in this website for a month and i like the products they provide. i ordered pears yesterday and i got it by todsy morning it was so handy

  4. ramu

    I was buying in this website for a month and i like the products they provide. i ordered pears yesterday and i got it by today morning it was so handy

  5. ganesh

    i ordered pears for first time and it was nice

  6. mala

    It was nice and fresh pears which i got i tasted it i am planning on buying it

  7. mala

    It was nice and fresh pears . Tasted it i am planning on buying it

  8. marry

    It was a nice pears which i got. it’s tasted marvelous

  9. karthick

    i was driven by the taste of pears. It’s wonderful

  10. senthil kumar

    it’s a good experience shoping in this website and i like the pears a lot
    and i liked it very much

  11. murugan

    I like the service they provid and pears was good and fresh

  12. malini

    i loved the products what ever it is online kodai is best

  13. mahath

    it is good

  14. Ramanan

    pears tasted good i loved it. It is fresh and juice

  15. Gowtham

    product is good but timing of delivery should be changed

  16. gowslya

    i loved the service as well as product

  17. sanju

    i bought 1kg pears and every one of them is good

  18. murali

    delivery is delayed other than that evry thing is great

  19. vicky

    i give full rating for the product. i used several other websites for buying but it is different i was satisfied with the product

  20. aswini

    it’s always good to buy products from u guys it was very nice

  21. kavin

    i like the pears then the other products it is good

  22. gowri

    taste wise it was realy nice it is a organic product

  23. karpagam

    i love the pears i usually use to buy pears in nearby stores only now i think i can get product from online kodai it was fresh

  24. ravi varma

    i was new to the online shoping and i get good impressions here to continue online kodai

  25. malkothra

    i was realy surprised i didn’t think buying fruits in online is not a good idea but it was wrong this guys are amazing they made it change it is fresh and good

  26. ram

    i love pears i use buy a lot and it is great to dont go to shop for buying because i got it quick and good for me

  27. mano

    i love shoping in online kodai and i comfortable to continue so keep going guys

  28. mohan

    pears is good i tasted it it was really nice and sweet

  29. ravi

    i was starting to buying a lot from online kodai and it was good

  30. jani

    pears was good and juice

  31. jaystree

    product is good

  32. rajanthuran

    i liked the product

  33. kannan

    it’s was realy amazing and i was satisfied

  34. rajesh kanna

    i was surprised and it was very good to buy it here

  35. rajesh kanna

    it’s great i was satisfied

  36. ajay

    pears was realy nice

  37. thanajai

    i love buying fruits here it’s is always good to by here

  38. jaisri

    i have a good experience bying things here

  39. gajanduran

    it was great

  40. naveen

    it’s good buy in this platform it’s a good product

  41. thaju

    i was buying products here for a long time its always be good to buy here

  42. ragunathan

    i ordered pears for first time and it is good

  43. kirubakaran

    i always buy products in retail store only but it is good and i happy to continue to buy so

  44. navenithan

    product is simply awesome

  45. abinomuhunth

    i experienced the heaven when i eat the pears it is good and fresh

  46. akshu

    i was planing on buying in bulk here after taste is good it has a demand in our house i didn’t get enough

  47. ratha krishnan

    i was been told it was good to buy in online koadi and i tried it it is good

  48. agarwal

    i love the products they provide everything is nice

  49. kishore

    we guys are staying in hostel we use to order food in online but we never ordered fruits we just stop by this website and buyed something and every thing is good

  50. rokesh

    i was a surprised with the pears it was so nice every one must try it.

  51. sudar

    i had a great experience buying fruits and vegetables in here especially i loved the pears

  52. guru

    i think it is the only website that provide fresh fruits

  53. santhi

    i was satisfied with the pears which i bought

  54. vanu

    its a really good product

  55. janani

    i get the product at time as per the time and the product also good

  56. vignesh kumar

    guys i really suggest u to buy this product i do it all the time

  57. rgavan

    it is good

  58. vinoth

    i loved the product

  59. suresh

    i was having a great fruits lately thanks to online kodai

  60. suresh

    it’s been a great fruits lately thanks to online kodai

  61. jhon

    use this website for better experience

  62. vanaja

    i liked the product

  63. ragu

    good fruits

  64. thaju

    nice product

  65. nalini

    pears is good and juice

  66. selva

    it is good

  67. vijay

    it was a good one

  68. senthilmurugan

    nice product

  69. revathi

    it was a good product

  70. dharshini

    it was really nice

  71. devasana

    pears is good

  72. deva

    it’s very fresh and juice

  73. varun

    i like the product

  74. Venkatesh

    it is good

  75. dharani

    Good product

  76. lavanya

    i like the product

  77. manikandan

    i love the pears

  78. manoj

    great product

  79. madu

    amazing product good fruit

  80. sudhakar

    nice pears

  81. maran

    great pears which i got

  82. nithiya

    heavenly fruit

  83. venkateshwaran

    great product pears is fresh and juice

  84. gajantheran

    i love the product

  85. kavitha

    pears is good

  86. devi

    i love the product pears

  87. aruna

    i like it

  88. alvin kumar

    simply good

  89. manonmani

    loved the product

  90. nirmal

    its good and sweet

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